Pension Prameň

Vinne´s lake


Apartment house Prameň

four two-room apartments with kitchen


Tradition and quality ...

Eating a la carte with meals also for not accommodated guests


Apartments and rooms

Apartments with a balcony overlooking the Vinne lake and 2,3 and 4-bed rooms

Vinne´s lake

Water from mountain streams in the summer attracts swimming and boating

In autumn fishing, winter ice skating, cross-country skiing, year-round hiking, biking and relaxing stays

Vinne´s castle

Let's go back to the Middle Ages

Nearby are several hiking trails to the nearby ruins of the Vinne´s castle

Zemplínska šírava

Large-Pools and Thermal Park

Good conditions for swimming, water sports, sailing on ships, fishing, entertainment, discos, restaurants

Snina´s rock and Sea eye

<h2>Unique and beautiful views of nature</h2>
<p>Sea eye in the protected area of the Eastern Carpathians lies at an altitude of 618 m <br /> It is the largest volcanic lake in Slovakia obstructed</p>


Pension Prameň is located on the bank of the lake Vinianske, 2 km from the Zemplínska šírava, 10 km from the town of Michalovce, 60 km from the regional city of Košice. Interior and exterior of the house is tuned in natural colors and materials, which creates a pleasant, family atmosphere up. The pension has a restaurant, a beach bar, arbor with fireplace, playground with a sandpit, private parking. Environment Vinianske lake and the house creates ideal conditions for families with children. Wellness - 10m in the next house, Thermalpark Šírava - 2km.



Thermal park Šírava: 30% - zľava pre ubytovaných hostí

360 Pension Prameň

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